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Don’t have a window for your AC?

Don't want to lose the window to the AC?

Your best bet is a Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner.

Thru-the-wall Air conditioners are essentially Room Air conditioners, not fitted into windows but into the wall to brighten up the decor of the room. The AC units are placed through a hole in an exterior wall and require the installation of waterproof membranes and a sleeve to hold the unit. The thickness of the wall determines whether you will need a slide out chassis sleeve or a thru-the-wall chassis sleeve.

CoolAir Inc professional technicians make it totally hassle-free for you. If you have a hole in the wall, the process is quick. If not, call us

The Sleeves and Exterior grilles do not come with the AC units and have to be purchased separately. In some cases, you may have to buy the grilles separately to suit your needs for a particular look.

To learn more about hole-cutting, slide-out chassis, through-the-wall chassis, Hole-cutting into your walls.