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CoolAir Inc. strives for perfection in all tasks necessary to meet exacting architectural and building standards. The Simple McQuay PTAC step by step sleeve installation process we follow for installation of Wall Sleeves and the placement of the Thru-the-Wall AC are shown here:

Winter Storage

Step 1

First step is to remove back of the wall (inside portion of brick or block) slightly larger than actual sleeve. Once back brick is removed rest of the hole is cut from outside utilizing small scaffolding platform that is securely hanged on the window sill.
Winter Storage

Step 2

Precise cut is made with diamond blade saw only 1/4 of an inch larger than actual sleeve. This will minimize any possible leaks. After remaining brick is removed we build a new cement base with specific pitch as required by the building or building architect.
Winter Storage

Step 3

At this stage primer is applied to make stronger bonding between bituthene membrane and cement base. In this case we also installed angle iron wrapped in bithutene membrane on the top of the hole to reinforce window-sill above.
Winter Storage

Step 4

Bithutene membrane is applied to base and sides further preventing any possible leaks.
Winter Storage

Step 5

And finally the sleeve is installed and cemented inside the new wall opening. We also carefully caulk all around outside of the sleeve to make sure no water penetrates inside the building.
Winter Storage

Step 6

View of the finished installation with architectural louver installed flush with outside wall.